Emanuela Calcara

Emanuela Calcara, known to many as Emma,  a perfectionist at heart,  derives  from a small town in northern Italy, Vicenza.  Born November 3, 1979 to an Italian father and  Brazilian mother. Emma who  once dreamed of becoming a ballerina, and was accepted too the prestige’s “Scala  diMilano”, however, Emma  always knew  in her heart,  she would someday  follow  in  her father’s footsteps and  become a chef. As a little girl, Emma has fond memories  of  helping her parents at  Lombardi’s,  a well-known  Italian restaurant,  located  in Ocean City,  Maryland.    “I  use to love  watching my  father  in the  kitchen with my mom by his side.   It  was a  wonderful atmosphere  filled with  love, respect for food  and indulgence.”  A  soul-born with Italian tradition and a passion for cooking, Emma wants to share her childhood memories with you by introducing you to Palladio, named after the 1600 century architect from her home town in Italy.  “I inherited my  father’s  passion  for  food,  with a dash of self-respect, balance and a blend of diplomatic  attitude.   “My desire is to implement  a  healthy  and  delicious cuisine  for customers with  a simple  desire to eat well.     All of our ingredients are fresh and prepared daily.”  Among many  of Emma’s mentors  include Chefs  Gordon Ramsey and  Nancy  Silverton.   Emma has personally cooked  for  many  well-known chefs and  celebrities, including Sugar Ray Leonard  and  Andre Boccelli, Steve Miller, Barbra Streisand and Aerosmith. Emma  a graduate  of  Academia  delle  Belle  Arti  -Venezia, Veneto, Italy  with a Bachelors of Arts,  and Culinary diploma  from  Cordon Blue,  Los Angles, California.  “Please  sit back, relax and enjoy the wonderful food, atmosphere and love  that will come from my kitchen to your table.” Bon Appetite! Emma

“A  Stellar chef and savvy businesswoman  to boot, whatever the endeavor, success is ensured when left in Emma Calcara’s capable hands.”   ~ Joe Bastianich